Bliss Facial Testimonials

I am an active middle aged woman who has spent a lot of time outdoors before sunscreen was available. Prior to using the Power Essentials Bliss Facial Serum I had sun damage on my face and chest. I also had the not so lovely brown age spots on my hands and arms. I have been using the oil for one and a half years now. I am so pleased with the results I continue to get. The sun damage on my face and chest is pretty much non-existent. The brown age spots on my hands and arms have faded however I have not been as diligent with the oil on these two locations. I have tried many, many products over the years suffering reactions at times because of my sensitive skin. The Power Essentials Bliss Facial Serum is the purest product I have ever used plus it has given me the best results. I now get compliments about my skin on a regular basis.
Heather G., Nelson, BC

As an accredited aromatherapist and former maker of essential oil skin care products, I am absolutely thrilled with Power Essential’s “Bliss Facial Serum”. Truly nourishing and rejuvenating… it’s now a part of my daily facial routine. A beautiful blend of the highest quality cold pressed and organic oils, my dry and sensitive skin has regained it’s youthfully appearance… awesome!
Morgaine, Salt Spring

Power essentials high quality facial serum was exactly what I was looking for. It leaves my skin feeling smooth & radiant. Personally, I use a half pump with a drop of water, this allows for smooth absorption and distinctly nourished skin. Best facial skin oil I’ve found.
Heather V., Nelson BC

Danielle is very passionate about the quality and sourcing of her essential oils. They smell amazing and her consultations are very thorough. They are priced very well. I was very pleased with her service and dedication to her work. Can’t wait to experience the massage!!
Tina, Salt Spring