Registered Craniosacral Therapy Advanced – RCST – Salt Spring Island

Here on Salt Spring Island, Craniosacral  (Cranial Sacral) Therapy of the Biodynamic Form is now available! Craniosacral / Cranial Sacral Therapy is a  primal healing modality and was originally developed by doctors of osteopathy.  Registered Craniosacral Therapist  is a recognized profession in Canada and the USA. Combinations of hand positions are held on or just above the body to resonate a deeper settled presence. Craniosacral rhythms and potency are tracked & given space to unlock in this timeless field while the nervous system is nourished. Promotes deep awareness, trauma resolution, and accelerates physical healing throughout the entire being. Any trauma,upset, imbalance, overwhelming emotion, etc is addressed in the biodynamic craniosacral form as this information in the nervous system is recognized and supported to dissipate. As a professional craniosacral therapist  with  5 years of schooling, I work with all ages and all conditions. I have a specialization in embryological, birth, and early trauma. I work with mothers and babies , and dads too! Children, teens, adults …





bigstock-Newborn-Portrait-10294196Imprint and Birth Trauma Resolution in the Cranial Field

There comes a time in life for many to settle out old patterns and survival modes. In the potency and serenity of the cranial field, a safe container is held in which leading edges or manageable pieces of a person’s history are heard and authentically met. Resources are built and a dropping in to the unwinding of patterns is experienced somatically in the body. A client is kept present in the gentleness of a slow pace while trauma shimmers out. Instead of catharsis, old trauma vortices are released, “a weight is lifted”, and energy levels become available for realignment into health. Aspects of personality and old belief systems are able to shift positively. It is a true honour to witness a client’s being and unfolding into wholeness! Comp
leted the 2 1/2 yr Pre and Perinatal, Birth, Attachment training with Myrna Martin,, Nelson BC. This model of work was pioneered by Dr. William R Emerson,, and Dr. Ray Castellino,, and others.