Bliss Facial Serum

With years of experience blending for clients, the Bliss Facial Serum has gained a dedicated following for its consistent effectiveness and stunning aroma. It just simply had to be developed for professional sales, and finally, it’s ready!

Certified Aromatherapy

Few products on the market today are actually formulated by professionals who have studied and really know essential oils. As a Biologist and Certified Aromatherapist, I know the therapeutic effects of these concentrated herbal remedies and, the art and balance of blending – quantity and aroma essencing. Only the highest quality organic essential oils are used, marking the difference in effectiveness and truly exquisite aroma. Expeller/cold pressed carrier oils form the base, deeply penetrating into the skin and eliminating the need for any preservatives. The original bliss facial formula is balanced around organic nourishing neroli, steam distilled from the orange blossom. Neroli is renowned for its therapeutic effectiveness for most skin conditions. “Mildly hypnotic” in aroma, neroli settles the spirit bringing inner and outer harmony.*

30 ml can = 6 months or more!

Because so little serum is actually needed at a time, the large quantity provided in every bottle can last you up to 6 months and even longer. A little goes a long way!

How to use this Serum

Pump Bliss Facial Serum once into palm. Use fingertips of your other hand to dab serum and then massage all over your face. Anything left can be used on your neck. Formulated for day and night time, anytime! Do not use near eyes.

Secure with the Pump!

Don’t be misled by the scientific look of a dropper style bottle. That’s creative marketing, however, if you ever tip the bottle, you lose up to half your product. Never a worry with the pump! Packaged with a screw on cap for transport, Bliss Facial Serum comes with a pump on the side for your convenience. * West Coast Inst. Of Aromatherapy Manual, Vancouver BC, 2002n* Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit. G. Mojay, 1997