Had an absolutely blissful massage this afternoon with the kind and talented Danielle. You can tell this amazing woman loves helping others achieve their wellness goals, and is completely committed to giving you the best, most healing experience possible. I highly, highly recommend experiencing the passion and expertise she has to offer.
MSJ, Salt Spring Island

Danielle is truly one of the most present and gifted practitioners I have worked with. After a session with her my body and mind always feel completely re-attuned, centred, and more connected. If you are accustomed to a stressful or fast paced lifestyle, her capacity to be deeply attentive during her sessions can be deeply transformative. I highly recommend both her massage and Craniosacral work, and her essential oil blends are both world class and exquisite!!
Drea Drury, Salt Spring Island

I would like to thank you Danielle for your invaluable treatment, I received from you this week. Over many years of varies different treatments I’ve had from Chiros, Massage & Physiotherapists with limited success, I’m without words to let you know the relief this treatment (cranio-sacral) you recommended for me was. What a difference to leave your office freed up from constant pain and a deep feeling of well being. My first treatment surpassing all my previous therapists/treatments by far. Now, I know my physical problems can be healed.
Thank you, Deryl Fell , Nelson BC

Over the years that I have known Danielle Power I have found that she is able to affect me in all aspects of her profession from sacral cranial to massage and essential oils. I could go on and on about how much she has helped my back issues with massage and how much the essential oils have helped in the healing process and the overall wellness that the sacral cranial has to offer
She is well versed in all and I would recommend anyone seeking these treatments to book an appointment.

Jamie Spence, Nelson BC

Danielle gives a full sensory experience, very relaxing and the smells are delightful! Her cranial sessions are transcendental, but my favorite is the reflexology.
Beth Campbell, Nelson BC