Massage, Deep Pressure & Aromatherapy

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Salt Spring Island Massage – The difference with this form of massage is the biodynamic craniosacral presence held throughout your treatment! Working in such a settled field, the combinations of pressures and techniques used speak to your nervous system. Many different conditions can be cleared in a shorter time. Relaxation into the parasympathetic nervous system is attained sooner. This is where the real healing happens! With your input, I do not cross the pain threshold as tightening and resistance can develop – opposite to the healing response desired. The wisdom of 20 years in the study of complementary therapies and over 15 years of bodywork in practice hold you in a resonant safe relaxation. Often there may be guided deepening into presence, your present moment. For integration, some silent time is spent with a cranial hold – usually at the ankles. This can help you with the new felt sense of your body as the much needed adjustments happen.

For aromatherapy, 100% pure medicinal and organic essential oils can be custom blended by myself, a Canadian certified aromatherapist. This personal remedy is applied in your full body massage using deep pressure to light work. An integration of other techniques are combined to address your needs including basic acupressure and trigger points, lomi lomi, Swedish, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage. Stress will melt and you will feel revitalized. I work with all ages, infant to elder!
$125 – $250